Illustrating history

My book, Fading Ads of Birmingham, reveals the fascinating history behind many of the colorful painted "ghost signs" that inspire my art. It features nearly 70 wall signs spanning a century of Birmingham history and introduces the people who built a booming Magic City in the heart of Alabama. Featuring photos by local photographer Jonathan Purvis, the book also includes addresses for all signs so that you can spot these visions of the past hiding in plain sight. (You can also locate them on my Birmingham Fading Ads map below.)

Got a question about the book or Birmingham's ghost signs? Let me know.

Where to buy it:
Alabama Booksmith Little Professor  •  Birmingham Museum of Art  •  Vulcan Park and Museum  • Arcadia/The History Press  •  Books-a-Million  •  Barnes & Noble  •  Amazon

News and reviews: News/al.comB-MetroABC 33/40UAB

And here is my original Birmingham magazine article that inspired the book.


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